Most folks may not know that Workspace has two release channels. If you are an Admin, and want to see new features sooner, there is a setting you can change to see the features before most others. The default setting for every workspace customer is to get features on “Scheduled release” date. However, if you switch it to “Rapid release” you will see features before others. Here is the schedule of all the releases

Rapid Release

  • Early Access: Users in Rapid Release domains are among the first to see new Google Workspace features when they’re rolled out.
  • Immediate or Soon After Launch: New features typically become available to them immediately or very soon after their consumer release.
  • Ideal for:Organizations that want to be at the forefront of innovation and test new features early.Smaller teams that can easily adapt to changes.

Scheduled Release

  • Delayed Access: Users in Scheduled Release domains get new features at least one week after they’re released to Rapid Release domains.
  • Time for Preparation: This delay gives administrators time to:Communicate upcoming changes to users.Train users on new features.Test compatibility with existing workflows.
  • Ideal for :Large organizations that need more time to prepare for change.Organizations with complex workflows that might be impacted by updates.

Choosing a Release Track:

  • Default: Scheduled Release is the default setting for Google Workspace domains.
  • Changing Tracks: Admins can switch between Rapid and Scheduled Release through the Google Admin console. This is link to admin console where you can make the change.

Additional Considerations:

  • Testing: Even with Rapid Release, it’s still recommended to test new features thoroughly before broadly deploying them to your organization.
  • Communication: Clearly communicate to users which release track they’re on and what to expect regarding new feature availability.


  • Release calendar for rapid/scheduled features
  • Support article which explains how to change release channels